shades of grey

Doser: Shades of Grey

Founder: Attalie Dexter

You can do it! When Dexter couldn’t find the kind jewelry she wanted to wear in stores, she took it upon herself to learn how to make her own. Carrying on that same bold spirit years later, this go-getter gal recently made the leap from the corporate world to a freelancing life, designing jewelry and websites on her own time.

Products: Jewelry identifiable by the heavy textured and muted tonal qualities, geometric shapes and layering. Vintage beads and natural materials that create more interesting pieces to her collection of jewelry.

Product launches: Chain-, charm- and bead-adorned vintage purses, July 14.

Why we love her: Designs as delicate as the simple “pulse necklace” are equally as impacting as Dexter’s multi-layered statement-piece designs.