Spices of Lezzet


Doser: Spices of Lezzet

Founders: Nils Bunde, Akin Girav

What sets them apart: “We turn away probably 80-90% of the spices that come to us. We’re very picky. Our prices are higher because we’re so picky. A lot of spice companies buy what’s available at the bazaars and the open market. We sidestep that and go direct,” says founder Nils Bunde.

Why we love them: Lezzet spices are sourced from small farms and top-notch producers. We love the array of colors and flavors–smoky and sweet isot pepper, vibrant purple basil, heady Turkish bay leaves–and that the company began sourcing for restaurants only, and launched their home kitchen line at Dose.

Products: Spices, spice rubs and sea salts from the far reaches of the globe.

Dose launches: A line of small tins perfect for the home kitchen.