Sprout it out!

With the autumnal equinox just around the corner we are left wondering how to care for the fruits of our labor (literally!) as the weather turns cooler. Naturally, we turned to the garden gurus at Sprout Home for advice.

DOSE: We love having fresh herbs around to throw in when we’re cooking. Can we move our outdoor herbs inside for the cooler months?

SPROUT: When it comes to bringing your herbs indoors, the answer is yes, but they’d like as much light as humanly possible. When they sit outdoors on your balcony they receive 6-8 hours of direct sun a day. Indoors you’ll be hard pressed to get 4-6 hours each day and they’ll need every moment. They’d love a southern or western facing window and water accordingly.

DOSE: Who can resist a fabulous fall fete? Fireplace roaring, hearty chili in the crockpot, the smell of warm apple pie wafting through the house and plenty of pumpkin beer in the fridge. Any suggestions for the perfect centerpiece to complete our fall motif?

SPROUT: Even though pumpkins seem like something geared more for little kids, we’re still big fans of them here at the store. Soon our yard will be filled with all shapes, colors and sizes of decorative pumpkins. Let them sit as is, or even bust out the paintbrush and give them a modern stripe or color dip in a bright white, gold or even silver. Accompany it with a few vases of seasonal blooms or even a tray of succulents or a terrarium. Indoor plants can travel out for the evening and things from your garden can be cut and used as well. Don’t be afraid to use what you have!

DOSE: What’s the perfect fall foliage to adorn patios and porches?

SPROUT: Right now it’s all about the kale and cabbage. Who needs a flower when there’s so much fabulous foliage to look at. Even things like rainbow chard or ornamental peppers can make a great addition to your containers, beds and decks. Sure there’s always mums, but that’s what will be on everyone else’s patios.

DOSE: For those getting hitched this autumn – what’s hot right now for fall weddings? Trends? Colors? Arrangements?

SPROUT: Seasonal trends usually tend to flow with what’s in for the actual season. Orange or burgundy will be in for the coming months. This colored foliage is beautifully paired with deep shades of purple or for fans of a lighter colored palate, hues of cream and peach pair nicely with rich autumnal blooms. We’re also seeing brides who are looking for a slightly more loose, and less composed bouquet. The addition of things like kale and other edibles bring something special and they’re in high demand!

DOSE: There’s nothing better than seeing the first signs of spring come into bloom after a long winter. What can we plant now to prepare for spring?

SPROUT: Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs! One of the most fun and early blooming are crocus. There’s lots of new types out there and they don’t have to be the same as the ones found in your Grandma’s backyard. There’s plenty of bulb varieties to choose from, just pick a color you love and wait for a happy surprise come spring.

Thanks Sprout!

For more fall gardening tips, join Sprout for their Clean Up Your Act for Fall! class on September 29, 2012 from noon – 1pm. Register online at sprouthome.com.