Sugar Shocked

All this vegetable talk is making us hungry…for dessert. Get your glucose on at Dose this Sunday. Even your dentist will be there.

Lucila’s Homemade Alfajores
First things first: An alfajor is a traditional Argentine dessert — two crumbly cookies sandwiching creamy dulce de leche. An Argentinian native, Lucila Giagrande landed in Chicago at age 24 and hasn’t looked back. She dips her confections in white or dark Belgian chocolate, slathers them with coconut flakes, and also makes a plain (yet extraordinary) version. Try not to eat the whole box in one sitting.

Chocolate Twist
Quoted from the Chocolate Twist Facebook page: “We’re bringing the biggest, bad assiest box of caramels to this Sunday’s Dose Market. Espresso, Lavender, Black Licorice, Cocoa, Epic Sea Salt, Beer & Pretzel.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Not only do we love her taste in adjectives — we love tasting her product. You will, too.

ByM Desserts
Pastry Chef Malika Ameen is one of the city’s best — but you won’t find her at a restaurant. Her sweets are mail-order-only, save for when she pops up at Dose. This weekend, she’s coming with her gorgeous cakes in tow. Score slices of Chocolate Smores cake (devil’s food cake with malted bittersweet ganache and toasted marshmallow fluff) and Meyer lemon-rhubarb-strawberry cake (vanilla buttermilk cake with Meyer lemon cream and fresh rhubarb-strawberry preserves). Swoon. These beauts will be joined on the table by wildflower-honey granola, fig-hazelnut biscotti and a spread of her knockout cookies.

Find your sweet spot at Dose on Sunday!