The 12 Days of HoliDose: Day 9

Dose loves its home, the River East Art Center. That we would decorate our home for the holidays goes without saying and we’re excited to bring a little color to our lofted halls for HoliDose. Thus, we wouldn’t leave you without some decorating options to take home yourself.

Launching 12/4, Dinner Party is Dose favorite Lisa Spagnolo’s new initiative. With partner Tricia Hyland, they’re bringing a new spin to plating, home decor and leaving the mess to someone else. Having taken her eye for flea market fashion and cast it upon the tabletop, Lisa joined up with Tricia to collect full sets of all sorts of tableware and home decor.

With Dinner Party at Dose, you can take home a special set of snifters to give your favorite brandy-drinking gentleman or invite Dinner Party to take your dinner party decor from frustration to fabulous without having to lift a finger: just schedule a time for them to come set up your dining room with all of the entertaining accoutrements you need (punch bowls, pretty platters), even decorations and furniture.

Also making his Dose Market debut on 12/4, septugenearian Norman D. Jacobs comes at us with his newest entrepreneurial initiative, French Line Weaver. For a guy who makes his own cheese from goats on his Michigan acreage to spinning wool from his small flock of sheep, he took on the challenge of weaving when he found two 36-inch pre-1950s 4-shaft, counter balance Leclerc looms. Now he takes his homemade thread, combines it with new and old fabrics from his quilt-weaving heyday, and weaves rugs, table runners and scarves on his French looms.

We’re sure his one-of-a-kind pieces will be treasured for years to come, whether in your home or that of your lucky gift-recipient.

There will be lots more housewares at HoliDose, with Dosers Sprout Home, Morlen Sinoway and June Blaker bringing their best to you Sunday, December 4.