The 12 Days of HoliDose: Day 11

Ask any Chicagoan and they’ll tell you one thing about a winter wardrobe: You can never have too many scarves, which is why you’ll find an abundance of them at December Dose.

University of Chicago MBA student by day, Christina DesVaux will represent her project El Origen Wool (see examples above), a collaborative effort with Uruguayan designers Victoria Varela and Florencia Bianchi to bring fair work and education to Uruguayan women through a knitting cooperative. We’re big fans of the artful patterns and earth-tone shades that highlight that natural beauty of the wool.

Eco-fashion patron saint Lara Miller brings a Dose of her comfy knit garments, but it’s the scarves–like the hand-loomed bamboo striped tube version–we can’t wait to throw on. Also launching this month is Miller’s knitted “friendship” necklace (see below) in Dose periwinkle and cherry red.


And remember that designer Lydia Brockman who sold out of the silk hand-dyed scarves you were coveting in September? She’ll be back with more plus organic fleece and organic cotton versions priced on the cheap ($20 each!).