The 12 Days of HoliDose: Day 12

What better way to ring in 12 Days of HoliDose than with Floriole and Lottie + Doof? We’re eagerly anticipating the Dose collaboration between two of our favorite bakers, Sandra Holl and Tim Mazurek.

Sandra, baker/owner of Floriole, creates extraordinary French pastries; Tim is an expert baker and pens one of our favorite food blogs. On Sunday the 4th, the duo will deliver an insane cookie spread, in conjunction with Tim’s annual 12 Day of Cookies at Lottie + Doof. Are you ready?

The very secretive bakers let us in on one of their seven concoctions for HoliDose: rugelach. But not just any rugelach. These gems are filled with with prune lekvar (a thick jam) and packed full of nuts and dried fruit. In addition to cookies, they made recipe cards so you can recreate the cookies at home.

Based on Tim’s cookie-filled past (think apricot kolaches, orange-almond buttons, toasted coconut sables, golden kamut shortbread) and Floriole’s case of pitch-perfect sweets, this combo is bound to be a hit.

You can purchase the cookies individually, or a gift box of the complete collection. We’ll take one of each, please!