The British Invasion

If you haven’t been to Bridgeport lately, you’re missing out on some truly scrumptious grub. Pleasant House Bakery, the neighborhood newbie, is a royal treat.

Lucky for you, they’re setting up shop at Dose on August 14. We couldn’t be happier — or hungrier.

Why? Because Pleasant House is all about comfort food. Which, in Britain, translates to pie, pasties, Scotch eggs, spuds and mash, crumpets, and the like. Delicious salads, comprised of ingredients plucked straight from Pleasant House’s gardens (there are four), add summery balance to an otherwise hefty snack.

Come hungry — and thirsty — to Dose on Sunday. Pleasant House’s housemade tea soda with sweet hibiscus hits the spot on a summer day.

Photos courtesy of Pleasant House and Steven Vance.