The Buzz on Crop to Cup’s Giveaway

Listen here, people, and listen close: Dose has started giveaways. The week(s) leading up to Dose will bring a bounty of goods from our designers and artisans. For their part, Dose vendor Crop to Cup has generously offered a private roasting lesson, taught by none other than Kevin Ashtari, founder and head roaster at Asado Coffee Company.

In just under an hour, Ashtari will give you Roasting 101. You’ll roast Crop to Cup beans on a drum roaster, get up to snuff on flavor profiling, and leave with a bag of coffee roasted by none other than you.

In order to WIN this amazing prize, answer the question below via our Twitter feed or Facebook wall. Honest answers take the cake…well, in this case, the beans.

Question: Tell us what happens when you skip your morning coffee.

Deadline: Tuesday, May 31.

We’ll go first: Initially, we experience a natural morning buzz. This lasts approximately twelve minutes. After that, it’s all droopy eyes, dark circles, and crankiness. Latte, please.