The Mother’s Day swag

We’ve been giving you hints about what’s inside the goodie bags at this weekend’s Dose. It’s time for the big reveal.

What’s in store (times two): a hand-dyed Janice scarf

a sweet sterling silver necklace and charm by M&B Vintage to start your own charm collection

a Workshop/CoOp bag and May Box Botanicals natural body products

and in foodstuffs, Quince + Apple tart grenadine syrup, debuting at Dose

addictive Mama’s Nuts, ChocolatUzma truffles

Grown Up Kid Stuff chocolate ice cream sauce and Salted Caramel confections. Wowza.

All moms are eligible to enter to win one of the two gift baskets for free on Sunday. You’ll grab a raffle ticket at the market, names will be announced by the following day and baskets ready for pickup at lovely Doser storefront Sprout Home.