The shave of things: Angry Barber

When it comes to pampering, it seems that ladies have all the fun. Guys, we haven’t forgotten you. Along with the revival of longstanding heritage brands and the way that things once were, we’ve seen a renewed appreciation of old-timey barber shops, where straight razor shaves are an occasional indulgence if not a weekly tradition.

This Sunday at Dose, you’ll find Christian Moore of Angry Barber (don’t worry, he’s actually quite a softy) offering a dozen on-site shave appointments. Most days you can find Moore cutting hair and doing shaves at Frank’s Barber Shop in the Monadnock building. What to expect: The shave starts with a hot steam towel to open up your pores and soften the hair, followed by a first pass with the razor. He repeats the process, finishes off with a cold, moist towel and alum block for good measure and your skin will be smooth as ever.

Come early because spots will go. Also note that it’s cash only this time, so put aside an extra $25 in your dedicated Dose account.