Three Cheers for Spicebox Whisky

This Sunday, raise not one, but two glasses to Spicebox Whisky, one of our birthday bash alcohol sponsors.

The Canadian spirit starts with a blend of bourbon barrel-aged whiskies. Some vanilla here, some spices there, and bam: A peppery, fruity beverage is born.

Spicebox mixologist Jacyara de Oliveira will pour two delicious cocktails — available exclusively at Dose — using Jo Snow syrups. Try them both, preferably not in rapid succession.

After the market, pick up a bottle of Spicebox at Binny’s and try your hand at slinging the drinks at home.

The Companion

1.5 oz Spicebox Whisky
.5 oz Aperol
.5 oz Jo Snow cardamom rose syrup
.75 oz fresh lemon luice
Fresh basil leaves
Sparkling wine

Method: Shake and strain into half a glass of sparkling wine.

The Perception Filter

1.5 oz Spicebox Whisky
.75 oz Jo Snow ginger ale syrup
.75 oz fresh lime juice
Fresh mint leaves
Coconut flavored soda water

Method: Shake and top with coconut flavored soda water.

Here’s to Spicebox’s unending generosity. Cheers!