Trick or Treat, we’ve got something sweet to eat

While you may be too old to take your pillowcase around town and pester your neighbors for candy, you are NEVER too old to indulge at Dose. Prep your palate, because we’re about to shake your tastebuds.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re really into bacon. Last month it was Bacon Jam from LOCAL, this month we are obsessing over Salted Caramel‘s Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn.

A steaming cup of hot cocoa?  Twist our arm. Chocolate Twist Doses out hot cocoa with a swish of homemade mallows on the side.

Better start practicing your dreidel skills, you’re going to want this pot of gelt. Veruca Chocolates have reinvented the ancient Judean coin into a luscious dollop of dark chocolate dusted in gold or silver.

We’ve been raving about the Mayana Chocolate Dose Bar for over a year. We won’t go into it again … but seriously, it’s the best. Just ask April. [Ed: Indeed.]

Southport Grocery cupcakes +  Koval Distillery liqueur + Jo Snow syrup = the party Truffle Truffle delivers in their I<3Chicago collection, a box of hand-rolled chocolate truffles with all of the above ingredients.

So, just say no to Halloween temptation today — save your sweet tooth for November 11‘s super sweet Dose at the River East Art Center!