Doser: twentythirtyforty

Founders: Arlene Matthews and Brandon Frein

What are your favorite categories, ladies?

BF: If I have to pick one, I’ll have to go with the dress category. Maybe it’s the Southern Belle in me, but it’s nice to feel like a Lady. And what’s easier than a dress? If you pick the right one, all you need is a shoe.

AM: Ha! Is trompe l’oeil a category? JK! That’s a hard one…there’s so much to love per season!  But I have to say I’m such a pants gal….wide leg, high rise, low rise, printed, skinny, you name it, I rock it.

Products: Perfect pieces in every category: dresses, pants, jackets, tops and accessories. Not to mention the shoes.

Why we love them: These ladies know how to buy: everything in their online shop is a standout. They carefully curate from critically adored lines, choosing pieces that suit their whims and and very fine taste. They’re a fine tuned machine, the two of them. And they’ve always got a new blog post!

Dose appearances: June 5, August 14 and November 6.