Who is Tim Burton?

Sure, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands are classics. But you can’t drink beetlejuice. And you wouldn’t let poor Edward within a mile of your cutting board. The real Tim Burton — the Tim Burton we’re interested in — is the man behind Burton’s Maplewood Farm syrups.

Debuting at Dose on February 12, Burton’s is a class act: The Medora, Indiana farmer taps trees, boils sap, and churns out syrup so flavorful it can be eaten straight off the spoon. Burton’s latest is a line of small-batch syrups infused with spirits. The bourbon-infused variety is aged in seven-year-old Kentucky bourbon barrels; brandy-infused syrup gets its kick from aging in charred Starlight Distillery casks; buttery, rum-infused nectar lingers in fourteen-year-old Tennessee kegs from Prichard’s Distillery. Each has a flavor all its own.

Drizzle it over pancakes or waffles, stir it into cocktails (find recipes from mixologist — and Dose veteran — Adam Seger here), or bake it into pastries or quick breads. The possibilities are endless.

Get ready to douse at Dose!